Podiatry treatments and services in Killarney Vale

General Footcare

Our team at Killarney Vale Podiatry are dedicated to helping improve your overall foot health.

Due to mobility restrictions, injury, disability or a reduction in eyesight, some people may find performing daily footcare difficult. We can assist you with nail cutting, removal of ingrown nails and debridement of corns, calluses and plantar warts to help you maintain healthy feet.

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is the permanent removal of all or part of the nail. This treatment is performed when recurrent ingrown nails are an issue, often causing severe pain and localised infection. It’s also an option for deformation of the nail caused by trauma.

Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Orthotic Therapy

An orthotic is a prefabricated or customised device designed to sit inside the shoe to correct the way your foot moves. They are designed to increase comfort, reduce pain and reduce the likelihood of injury. We use the latest in 3D scanning to capture an accurate image of your foot. Visit our orthotics page for more information.

Dry Needling

Also known as myofascial trigger point, dry needling is designed to reduce muscular pain. Using a needle, we can relax overactive muscles causing painful trigger points.

Home Visits/Aged Care

We understand some people may find it hard to get to our clinic. Our home visits can be arranged in homes and aged care facilities.

Biomechanical Assessment/Gait Analysis

Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis are used to determine the exact way your body moves on a daily basis. Where this is malalignment or a muscle imbalance within the body, injury or pain may occur. By performing visual and manual assessment, we are able to determine the issue and help prevent further problems from arising.


Mobilisation is a hands-on corrective exercise designed to allow your body to naturally repair itself through stimulation of the injured area. The idea behind mobilising a joint is to help increase joint mobility through the breakdown of adhesions that may be restricting movement. It is also designed to reduce pain messages sent to the brain.

plantar Warts

Plantar warts are a strain of the human papilloma virus (HPV). The wart appears on the top layer of skin on the plantar surface of the foot. It may look like hard skin, blister or even have a cauliflower appearance. They may cause pain depending on the size and locations.

Treatment: Debridement, offloading padding, footwear advice and medicinal application to the area are all possible treatments for plantar warts.

Fungal Nails

A fungal nail, also known as onychomycosis, is an infection of the nail bed and the nail plate. The infection may cause discolouration, turning the nail yellow, white, brown, black or green. This can occur in spots, streaks, part of the nail or the full surface. Your nails may also crumble, flake or thicken in the process.

Fungal nail infections are an overgrowth of fungi, which thrives in warm, moist conditions.

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