Find pre-fabricated and custom-made orthotic supports at our Killarney Vale podiatry clinic

Orthotics are used to help correct the alignment of the foot and provide support to help prevent foot, ankle, knee and lower back pain.

Every foot is different. At Killarney Vale Podiatry, we custom make our orthotics to suit your individual needs. This allows us to provide the comfort and cushioning your feet need to help with sports performance, injury recovery, weight distribution, posture alignment problems and the growing feet of children.

 For all enquiries, speak to our front office staff today.

Podiatrist—Foot Therapy in Killarney Vale, NSW

Our orthotics can be made to help:

  • Flat & high-arched feet
  • Injuries, such as in the ankle
  • Bunions, callouses & corns
  • Shin splints & Achilles tendon problems
  • Relieve heel, arch, forefoot & lower back pain
We welcome both referral and non-referral patients. Come in and chat to our team about finding the right orthotics for your feet.

Other Products Available at our Killarney Vale Podiatry Clinic

Kenkay Skin Solutions

The Kenkay product range was made more than 30 years ago for the Australian climate. Their Sorbelene skin relief line, body washes, bath oils and relief creams are ideal for helping manage good healthy skin, not only on the feet, but the rest of your body too.


Kinesiology tape is used to help improve performance and function, support injuries and reduce pain. In particular, RockTape is recommended for its water resistant, hypoallergenic and long-lasting (up to 4–5 days) durability. As well as using RockTape for sprains, strains, shin splints, gait correction and supporting foot conditions, we can show you how to use the tape to benefit your training.