Treatment for chronic muscle & tendon conditions

Knee, foot and tendon pain can be a distant memory with shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive way of providing fast pain relief and restoring mobility for chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. 

At Killarney Vale Podiatry, we use the Gymna ShockMaster which emits acoustic waves that interact with the tissue and cell growth. It helps to:

We can fine-tune a treatment plan to suit your condition. Some of our most common conditions we treat include chronic Tendinopathies an fasciopathys such as plantar fasciitis, Acrchilles tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis. MTSS and Osgood – Spasam and cramping. 

Start your journey to being pain free and restoring movement. Call our clinic today to discuss the benefits of shockwave therapy as part of your treatment.

Shockwave Therapy—Foot Therapy in Killarney Vale, NSW